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Here’s the skinny: evolution is happening all the time, all around us. Living things are like one roiling mass of DNA. OK, so ...

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Fifty Years after its Publication, Rachel Carson’s Book Remains All-Too-Relevant

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Disclaimer: Some words may have been harmed in the process of writing this blog As a scientist who fled from college course offerings beginning with ENG I fully regret this decision, particularly when sheepishly resorting to the synonym key,...

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They're arguing that a new study shows canned foods to be safe, even when lined with BPA. The problem? That's not what the study says.

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While the rest of the country has been experiencing an epic heat wave, in the Pacific Northwest where I live, thus far the summer has been unusually cool. One consequence of the cool weather is a slow-to-appear local tomato crop, made evident to...

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Carcinogenic flame retardants were supposed to be gone by now, but, like endocrine-disrupting plasticizers, they persist


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