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Heart of Wildness

The Crown of the Continent, as seen in Montana. Photo credit: Cristina Eisenberg
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#ForewordFriday: From the Central Appalachians to the Catskill Mountains Edition

This weekend, connect to the wild with John Davis of the Wildlands Network in part two of his E-ssential: Big, Wild, and Connected. Join John as he treks from the central Appalachians to the Catskill mountains on his quest to find out if it's possible to identify and protect a continental-long wildlife corridor that could help to protect eastern nature into the future. Enjoy!
Photo credit: Flock/bandada by user Rafael Edwards

Confessions of an Ecoporn Addict

I’m on a site tour, standing with a group of dedicated conservation advocates in a field just outside of Troy, Montana. It’s a truly unimpressive place. A nondescript forested ridge lies in the far distance, a couple of well-kept houses and not-so-well-kept shacks are strewn about in the near distance, I look down to see some nondescript scrub under our feet—and then there’s the rural highway behind me.
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Exploring Florida’s Dry Prairie

This post was contributed to Eco-Compass by Reed Noss, Provost's Distinguished Research Professor for the Department of Biology at  University of Central Florida and author/editor of six Island Press books. Noss was a guest trekker with John Davis during TrekEast.