#ForewordFriday: What is inclusive green growth?

Read the introduction to Green Growth That Works, a practical guide for investing in nature in a way that both improves human well-being and protects biodiversity.

Why Kill a Snow Leopard Conservation Ranger? Energy Sprawl and Land-Use Conflict

View from a mountain top in Khan Khentii Protected Area, Khuh Nuur, Mongolia. Photo © Nick Hall A mysterious and untimely death is not what first comes to mind when I think about wildlife conservation. But the death of conservation ranger Lkhagvasumberel (Sumbee) Tumursukh, who worked with the Mongolian Snow Leopard Conservation Foundation, is a mystery indeed.

On Interning at Island Press: Venturing out of My Comfort Zone

For me, summer has always been the perfect time to venture out of my comfort zone to explore new opportunities that I otherwise would not have during the school year. This summer was no exception. Since the election, I had taken up a sudden interest in the environment, fascinated by how the world around us was changing, and not for the better. As a community health major, I decided that I wanted to intern someplace that would give me even more of an insight on the environment.

On Interning at Island Press: I Can't Wait to Return

I am a junior at Georgetown University interested in pursuing a career in publishing. I major in English because I believe in the power of the written word. As Development Intern, I have learned that it’s not only the words written in books that affect concrete change.

On Interning at Island Press: Not Just About Raising Funds

Like many college students, I am familiar with the all-too-common rollercoaster: late nights spent thinking about the future, deciding how to leave my proverbial mark on the world. As a rising sophomore, I’m still in the beginnings of my academic career. I haven’t officially declared my major or decided if I will study abroad yet; and applying to grad school, narrowing down a specific career path, and writing my thesis still feel like the distant future. This summer, I wanted to do something that would broaden my ideas of what I can do with my passion for environmental issues.

Aid, Poverty, and Global Biodiversity

International efforts to conserve biodiversity in developing coun­tries are recognizing the need to provide alternative livelihoods.

#KeepItWild Q&A with Jason Mark

Enter the sweepstakes here! Why is Arizona significant to you and why should it be significant to the rest of the world? I was born and raised in Arizona, and I have a huge affection for the place: the Sonoran Desert with its creosote cloves, the “sky islands” around Tucson, the ponderosa pine forests outside of Prescott where I learned how to ride horses. And of course the Grand Canyon, which is a marvel of the world.

On Interning at Island Press: Real Responsibilities

The real world is weird. You emerge from the sheltered existence of a college undergrad to find that your new roommates are you parents. And then there’s figuring out your career path—a daunting task where it feels like doors are closing everywhere you look and you are dumbfounded that Joe Schmo from high school appears to have it all figured out.