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Under new EPA guidelines, we cannot expect that future chemical reviews will be credible and adequate.

What has the EPA done to head off climate disaster and fulfill its mission “to protect human health and the environment”? The stark answer is: not nearly enough.

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EPA’s regulatory powers should be used to promote environmental protection, not carry out vendettas against states taking climate action

Trump’s EPA seeks to limit state’s authority on climate action. If this effort succeeds, our towns and cities will face dirtier air, hotter summers and more extreme weather — and there will be less we can do about it. 


EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler continues to ignore the value of accurate scientific advice.

Clean water and safe drinking water are basic human needs, and access to them should be everyone’s right. America’s people and its environment deserve no less.

On the fourth of July, 1985, as the sun shone and the temperatures rose, people celebrated by eating watermelon. Then they got sick — becoming part of one of the nation’s largest episodes of foodborne illness caused by a pesticide. The outbreak began...

The EPA's WaterSense program helps communities save water and energy. Why then is President Trump trying to flush the program away?

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Over on Post Carbon, Juliet Eilperin notes the EPA's changing stance on greenhouse gases: Making a pitch to an international...

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From the Washington Post: The Obama administration formally declared Monday that carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions pose a danger...


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