Can Urban Gardening Make Us Whole?

An in-depth look at how urban gardening is hoping to heal divisions that have plagued Milwaukee—and our nation as a whole

#ForewordFriday: Farm and Food Sweepstakes Edition

For food lovers and supporters of sustainable agriculture, you can't beat Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This oft-overlooked Midwesten gem is memorable for more than just its cheese—it also boasts 177 community gardens, 30 farms, and 26 farmers' markets (more per capita than any other American city!) In the last decade, a half-dozen "farm-to-table" restaurants have sprung up in the city, creating a vibrant food culture that is constantly reinventing itself with fresh, nutritious, locally grown food.

#ForewordFriday: Food as a Social Enterprise

While researching No One Eats Alone, sociologist Michael Carolan interviewed more than 250 individuals, from flavorists to Fortune 500 executives, politicians to feedlot managers, low-income families to crop scientists, who play a role in the life of food. Advertising consultants told him of efforts to distance eaters and producers—most food firms don’t want their customers thinking about farm laborers or the people living downstream of processing plants.

Finding Nourishment: A Conversation with Michael Carolan

Michael Carolan's No One Eats Alone: Food as a Social Enterprise is now available! We sat down with Carolan to talk about sustainable food, the process of writing the book, and why he claims that no one eats alone. Have more questions for Carolan? Share them in the comments below. In today’s world, people are constantly eating alone—whether at their desk or in the car. So why do you claim that No One Eats Alone?