Migrating wildlife species across the globe face a dire predicament as their traditional migratory routes are cut off by human encroachment. Forced into smaller and smaller patches of habitat, they must compete more aggressively for dwindling food...

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In this installment of the occasional series, we hear from Cristina Eisenberg, author of The Carnivore Way.

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Mule deer at Torrey Creek Trailhead. Photo © Scott Copeland.

Photo credit: Flock/bandada by Flickr.com user Rafael Edwards

A monarch butterfly in DC.

Pacific salmon are the iconic temperate rainforest species connecting ocean, freshwater, and terrestrial systems, and joining people to the great outdoors.

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Greenpeace is well known for non-violent direct action in support of conservation. Very recently, they took a bold step in the German North Sea when they placed large granite boulders, each weighing two to three tons, around the...

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