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#ForewordFriday: Paths within Reach Edition

As a Sustainability Management graduate student, I was naturally captivated by the latest edition of the Worldwatch Institute's State of the World series Is Sustainability Still Possible?. This book provides the practices and policies that will steer us in the right direction to prosperity, without diminishing the well-being of future generations. As I prepare to graduate and start my career, State of the World 2013:
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Southeast Asia: The Global Land Rush’s Overlooked Ground Zero

Last year, over a period of nine months, Cambodian state security forces staged a brutal crackdown against protesting journalists, human rights activists, and monks. Many were harassed, some were jailed, and several were killed. These people were not protesting about politics. Rather, they were rallying against land takeovers by private investors.
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Vietnam May Revisit Two-Child Population Policy

The government of Vietnam will decide on December 22 whether to penalize parents who have more than two children, reinitiating a coercive population policy it abandoned in 2003. "We are considering an adjustment to our policy appropriate to the circumstances of the country," Truong Thi Mai, chair of Vietnam's Parliamentary Committee of Social Affairs, confirmed on Saturday. "The Parliament Standing Committee will decide the week after next."
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A Better Future for Fish?

Next year could herald the beginning of a momentous change to the way the sea is managed around Britain, my home country. Members of Parliament (MPs) are holding hearings into the draft of a "Marine Bill" that will be debated in Parliament later this year. If the Bill gets through in anything like its current form, it will provide the means to establish a national network of marine protected areas, some of which could be highly protected from exploitation and other sources of human impact.
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The Beginning of a Revolution

On December 18, 2007, there was a sound heard across America coming from Washington D.C. It was the sound of the beginning of a revolution - the clean energy revolution. Until that day, we had been waiting 30 years for the first shot to be fired in this effort to totally transform America's energy economy. That wait finally ended six months ago when I joined 234 of my colleagues  in the House of Representatives and passed a comprehensive clean energy bill that finally broke the strangle hold of the oil and gas industry on congress and ushered in the era of clean energy.
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Rocket launches are always exciting. So are clean energy revolution launches. Although I have never attended the launch of an American space rocket, I have been there at the launch of a clean energy revolution, a more terrestrial but just as important effort – one that will surely be as big a leap for mankind as the one that took place on the Sea of Tranquility.