How Local Food Systems Build Resilience for Turbulent Times

Consider, for a moment, that lettuce leaf on your plate. It probably traveled a long way to get there—about 1,500 miles, on average.1 In fact, your dinner has probably seen more of the world than you have: the average American meal contains ingredients from at least five countries outside the United States.2 The complex, globalized system that puts food on our plates is a technical and logistical marvel, delivering unprecedented quantities of food at historically low prices.3,4
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Holiday Recipes Gone Sustainable

Is your kitchen getting a good workout this holiday season? Do you have a favorite holiday-inspired dish? Is there a certain organic, environmentally friendly ingredient you've come to use in cooking or baking?
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Young Farmer on the Rise

In my recent book Kitchen Literacy, I concluded by urging readers to learn where their food comes from and how it is raised. In developing my own "kitchen literacy," I've enjoyed getting to know one of the farmers who grow the veggies I buy: Zöe Bradbury.