Island Press often gets thought of as being somewhat narrower in scope than we in fact are. Today, environmental issues touch pretty much every aspect of our social and personal lives — not just the natural world. They affect our cities, health,...

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There’s no way to pin down the moment I started working on my book Water is For Fighting Over, coming from Island Press this fall.

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Kelsie's spirit animal is the splendid fairy-wren.

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It's the final day of University Press Week and today's blog tour gives a taste of what some AAUP member presses are following:   University of Illinois Press UIP discusses the...

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Today is the final day of University Press week, and I've asked some of our editors to talk about the field/scholar/research avenue they currently follow. Who is their must-read or follow on social media? Heather Boyer, Executive Editor

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It's 'Throwback Thursday' with AAUP member presses!   Temple University Press Temple recalls the development of their influential Asian History and Culture series....

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Tuesday’s theme for this week’s University Press blog tour is ‘Press in Pictures.’


Indiana University Press

A brief history of IU Press in pictures  ...

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Monday's theme for this week's University Press blog tour is 'collaboration.' Here's how some university presses approach collaboration.   ...

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In this week's installment, Production Intern Allison Buttel discusses how her experience at Island Press has opened the door to a thrilling new career opportunity.


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