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The United States Department of Defense is coming to grips with the implications of climate change for national security.

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A warming climate will bring stronger storms and rising seas to the nation’s coasts. Now is the time to reform and strengthen the national effort to prepare for growing coastal risks.

Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

A New Coast presents the science behind predictions for coastal impacts and explains how current policies fall short of what’s needed to prepare for these changes.

Waves. Photo by Shifaaz Shamoon/Unsplash

The challenges of protecting the coast from more severe storms and rising seas are intimidating but not insurmountable. Prompt action now will save money and lives.

Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy was a traumatic experience that millions of Americans consider best forgotten. But as the pain of loss and hardship fades, so can the sense of urgency for rethinking our relationship to the coast.

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Loggerhead sea turtle.

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This tree thinks you should vote.

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Having jump-started my career as a conservation biologist riding the 1980s explosion of scientific and public interest in biodiversity, I have progressively witnessed how biophilia has given way to climate change concerns with the public, decision makers...

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I admit it. In my heart of hearts, I'm hoping for the best. Those scenarios of climate change we see splashed across the newspapers and magazines include a wide range of possibilities, and I keep my fingers crossed that we'll end up closer to the best...

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If anyone doubts that the world's environment is in a state - if not of crisis then of grave concern - I suggest attending a major scientific conference. Among the sobering assessments offered at the 2009 annual meeting of the...

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