Better Buses, Better Cities

Often dismissed by the general public, the humble bus is the underdog workhorse of public transit. Here in the U.S., buses have long been an afterthought in budgeting and planning, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Across the world, buses serve as the foundation of fast, reliable and inclusive transportation networks.

Webinar: Advocating For and Creating Effective Public Transit

Having greater access to transit is vital for the functioning of safe, equitable, and environmentally friendly cities. But what makes for effective transit? How do you advocate for it? And how can cities utilize buses to create fast, frequent and reliable service?

Webinar: Designing the Megaregion and Healing the Divided City

Much of the economic and population growth in the U.S. is happening within 12 urban megaregions. Investment in these megaregions can add stress to the environment, increase gridlock and air traffic delays, and make inequality worse, or it can help stabilize the environment, balance transportation systems, and create walkable neighborhoods with diverse housing choices.

Webinar: Saving Local Transit in the Bay Area and Beyond

Transportation is one of the biggest challenges facing the Bay Area today. To build good transit, the discussion needs to focus on what matters—quality of service, a range of transit riders, the role of buildings, streets and sidewalks, and, above all, getting transit in the right places.

#ForewordFriday: Unleash the Bus

Why fight for a better bus system? Steven Higashide explores this question in this chapter excerpt from Better Buses, Better Cities.