Webinar: An Introduction to the Urban Resilience Project for Planet Forward

This webinar is an introduction to The Urban Resilience Project (URP), a grant funded program of Island Press, is committed to storytelling in the era of climate change. URP's goal is to bring together a diverse group of writers to generate and cross-pollinate ideas that inspire the sustainable, equitable, and resilient cities of the future. The production and publication of original short-form writing (articles, op-eds, blog posts, etc). is the primary way the project shares it's ideas.

Q&A with Urban Planner Lisa Nisenson

Urban planner Lisa Nisenson answers questions from the final webinar of our Saving Our Suburbs series with the authors of Suburban Remix.

Webinar: Protecting Pollinators

The birds and the bees need our help. Pollinators help to feed us and make our world more beautiful, but their habitats need protecting. Backyard gardeners to big companies alike know this and some are creating strategies to safeguard these precious creatures.  This webinar shows how you can protect pollinating bees, wasps, bats, and birds on various scales. You'll hear strategies that are being implemented in small to large scale gardens. You'll be informed of best practices and inspired by the work that's being done. 

Kevin Walker Webinar with HERO on The Grand Food Bargain

Two full lifetimes ago consuming more calories was always welcome, taste was secondary, and having enough food defined everyday life. Nowadays, the opposite holds true: our society is awash in calories and individuals expect their food to satisfy personal tastes and lifestyle preferences. Finding ways to turn out more food created new possibilities and made living easier. Yet, while we have been busy changing food, food has been changing us in unexpected and unforeseen ways.

Webinar: Saving Vaquita

As Brooke Bessesen writes in her new book, Vaquita: Science, Politics, and Crime in the Sea of Cortez, “Conservation is messy business.”

Watch This: Celebrating the Work and Vision of Jaime Lerner

In this webinar, panelists Stephen Goldsmith (Center for the Living City), Mike Lydon (Street Plans Collaborative), and Erin Barnes (ioby) discuss Jaime Lerner's influence on community-based urban interventions. Moderated by The Overhead Wire’s Jeff Wood.