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Hello from NACCB 2014!

The view of the University of Montana campus from the nearby Mt. Sentinel.
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Journey: Lessons from a Peripatetic Wolf

Remote camera image of wolf OR7, nicknamed Journey, in southwest Oregon, May 2014. Photo courtesy of Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.
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Wolves in a Tangled Bank

Elk browsing aspens in Yellowstone National Park. Photo by Cristina Eisenberg.
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Tracking the Ultimate Keystone Species

As an ecologist I have spent the past ten years of my professional career tracking apex predators and large herbivores and their effects on whole ecosystems. Abundant research from all sorts of systems demonstrates that when you allow dominant species, such as lions or elephants, to return to ecosystems, they affect many other species in those systems. For example, by toppling small trees, elephants help maintain the rich, open grassland habitat that provides a home for countless species, such as songbirds and insects.