Diversifying Urban Design - CNU 25 Panel

Friday, May 5, 2017 - 9:00am EDT

Sit at the tables where it's decided where new housing will go, or how to add bike lanes to a city street, or whether resources will be allocated to protect clean water, and you will probably need to ask "where are all the people of color?" In 2016, it remains the case that the majority of the people who design, plan, and build communities and cities lack the diversity of those same places. This panel explores the dearth of diversity in urban design and planning—and its impact on our practice and the communities we create and serve. It also suggests ways to build a pipeline of talent that better reflects the cities in which we live and work.

This panel took place May 5, 2017 at CNU25 in Seattle. It was co-organized by the Congress for New Urbanism and the Island Press Urban Resilience Project.