Equity and Walkability: Improving Pedestrian Infrastructure in Underserved Neighborhoods

A Smart Growth Network Webinar

Thursday, October 13, 2022 - 12:00pm EDT

National conversations about equity have expanded into the pedestrian realm and have prompted increasing numbers of communities to examine how to improve pedestrian infrastructure in underserved neighborhoods.

Nondrivers represent nearly one quarter of the population and yet often are not included in planning and policymaking discussions. This session looked at how nondrivers are organizing to improve pedestrian infrastructure to better serve people of all ages, as well as those who cannot drive, do not have access to a car, or who cannot afford to own or maintain a vehicle.

The 10 Minute Walk program is an innovative approach to help ensure that all community members have easy and safe access to parks and green spaces. A coalition of mayors and stakeholders is working to achieve universal park access and create an equitable, safe, resilient, and healthy environment for communities to thrive. Watch to learn more about this great initiative.

Finally, for two decades, James Rojas and John Kamp have been looking to art, creative expression, and storytelling to shake up the classic community meeting. They shared their insights and experiences, and provided pointers for building common ground and inviting active participation among diverse groups.