Healing from Trauma by Building for Health

An Island Press webinar
Tuesday, June 7, 2022 - 1:00pm EDT

As cities build and grow, they have a choice to make: to become healers from or creators of trauma.

Trauma in our built environment derives from systemic racism, disinvestment, and disenfranchisement of individuals in our cities. Climate change has the potential to greatly exacerbate these traumas. By investing in people and places, while also changing decision-making processes that have contributed to urban trauma, cities can lead the charge in promoting better health for their citizens and for the planet. Climate mitigation and adaptation could heal those wounds.

During this conversation you hear from public health experts who explain the structures in place that lead to cities causing trauma and the possible solutions to healing from it. Gain both theoretical understanding and tangible knowledge about this public health crisis.

Participants include: 

  • Katherine Catalano -- Deputy Director, Center for Climate, Health and Equity, APHA
  • Jason Corburn -- author of Cities for Life: How Communities Can Recover from Trauma and Rebuild for Health
  • Dr. Natasha DeJarnett -- Asst. Prof in the Christina Lee Brown Envirome Institute at the University of Louisville Division of Environmental Medicine and professorial Lecturer in Environmental & Occupational Health at the GWU Milken Institute School of Public Health
  • Dr. Lisa Patel (moderator) -- Deputy Executive Director of the Medical Society Consortium on Climate & Health and Clinical Assistant Professor of Pediatrics Clinical Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at Stanford University School of Medicine
  • Anna Ricklin, AICP -- Fairfax County's Health in All Policy Manager