Overtourism to No Tourism: How (and Why) to build a more sustainable tourism industry

A CREST and Island Press Webinar

Wednesday, June 2, 2021 - 1:00pm EDT

Before COVID-19 hit, the biggest problem in the world of travel was overtourism. Think of a vacation you’ve had where overflowing crowds were destroying once pristine natural environments and swarms of people were making daily life unbearable for the local residents. Then, seemingly overnight, tourism nearly ceased. 

There is no question that travel will resume. What’s unknown is, what will it look like when it does? Will we return to a world of overrun monuments, littered beaches, and gridlocked city streets? Or can we build back better?  

This webinar marks the release of Overtourism: Lessons for a Better Future, an edited volume bringing together tourism experts across the spectrum to explore this modern phenomenon. You’ll learn how travel destinations are using the tools that mitigate overtourism to overcome new challenges in the face of COVID-19. Travel enthusiasts and those in the tourism industry will benefit from hearing from the panel as they explore how to integrate responsible recovery and good tourism management.