Webinar: Design for Good

A Conversation between Erin Barnes and John Cary
Wednesday, February 13, 2019 - 12:00pm EST

Almost everything around us was designed by someone; our homes, schools, workplaces, and nearly every imaginable public space. Design is everywhere and, for better or for worse, it shapes the quality of our lives. 

In this webinar, Erin and John explore how to design our homes, buildings, and public spaces to be accountable to diverse communities, respond to our everyday needs, and improve our quality of life. We see why building civic participation and growing resident leadership must be center-pieces of designing for the collective good. You hear about examples of neighborhood projects that illustrate the power of collaboration. 

Erin Barnes is co-founder and CEO of ioby (in our backyards), a crowdfunding platform that mobilizes neighbors who have good ideas to become powerful citizen leaders who plan, fund, and make positive change in their own neighborhoods. In 2018, Erin joined the inaugural class of Obama Foundation Fellows, in recognition of her contributions to creating a wave of civic innovation through her work at ioby. Erin serves on the boards of EcoDistricts and Resource Media.

An architect by training, John Cary has devoted his career to expanding the practice of design for the public good. John's first book was The Power of Pro Bono and his writing on design, philanthropy, and fatherhood has appeared in The New York Times, CNN, and numerous other publications. Deeply committed to diversifying the public stage, he frequently curates and host events for TED and the Aspen Institute, and he is a founding partner in FRESH, a next-generation speaker’s bureau that represents young women and people of color. John is the author of Design for Good.

Presented in partnership by ioby and Island Press.