Webinar: Strategies for System Change

And tackling wicked problems
Thursday, February 18, 2021 - 1:45pm EST

Solving today’s wicked sustainability challenges requires system change. But as the 2020 US election illustrated, the nation is so divided and dug in that we need new strategies for leadership. We can’t rely on elected officials, political parties, chief executives, or others in positional authority to lead the systems change we need. Sustainability professionals must apply strategies that extend their influence beyond their organizations to drive change in the cross-sector space where business, government, and nonprofit organizations intersect and the most pressing sustainability challenges exist. Professionals equipped with tools and strategies to work in this space will have more influence and career success.

Dr Bruce Hull, Senior Fellow at the Center for Leadership in Global Sustainability, and author of Leadership for Sustainability, introduced a toolbox of strategies for tackling wicked sustainability problems. The bulk of the webinar presented case studies that illustrated several of these tools, discussed the challenges and opportunities of being a systems change agent, and identified resources professionals can use to build their capacities as change agents.