Vaquita by Brooke Bessesen | An Island Press book

You can help save vaquita

In 2006, vaquita, the smallest porpoise, inherited the dubious title of world’s most endangered marine mammal. Today, scientists estimate that fewer than twenty vaquitas remain in the world. Vaquitas aren’t hunted, and their habitat isn’t degraded—so why are they on the brink of extinction?

In her new book, Vaquita: Science, Politics, and Crime in the Sea of Cortez, Brooke Bessesen immerses readers in a shocking world of international crime, corrupt politicians, and communities fighting to bring this species back from the edge.

The question Vaquita asks of us is, what will we do? We can fight to save the vaquita, and other endangered species from extinction. Here’s how you can get involved today...

Vaquita by Brooke Bessesen | An Island Press book


Know the facts.

Raise awareness.

  • Tell others about the plight of vaquita. Write and share posts on Twitter and Facebook with the tag @IslandPress.
  • Host Brooke Bessesen to speak at or video chat with your university, environmental conference, local bookstore, community event.
  • Organizations looking to get more involved can email We want to work with you!

Support eco-minded fishermen.

Vote for protective laws.

Be a compassionate consumer.

  • At stores and restaurants, ask where your seafood comes from.
  • Inform your buying choices at Seafood Watch.

Vaquita by Brooke Bessesen | An Island Press book