Preparing your manuscript for submission

Linked below is a variety of resources for current Island Press authors, volume editors, and contributors. These are intended to help you throughout the editorial process as you prepare your manuscript for submission, create figures and tables, and compile images. Following these guidelines and instructions will help streamline the publishing process and ensure that the text and images in your publication are uniform and professional.

To assure that your manuscript package meets our requirements, review our Manuscript Preparation Guidelines (PDF) before you get started.

For guidance on diversity, equity, and inclusion in your manuscript, please refer to the Island Press DEI Style Guide.

To simplify the process, we’ve created a Checklist for Final Manuscript (.docx file) for you. Please read through this before sending us a final manuscript.

The art package is an important piece of the final manuscript.  For more information on our resolution and formatting  requirements, use our Art Preparation Guidelines (PDF).

Authors are responsible for obtaining any necessary permissions for art. To make securing the permissions even easier, we have a Sample Permissions Letter (.doc file), as well as a Permissions Log to keep track of image rights needed and obtained.


Still have questions?

If you have any questions about using these, exemptions from the above, or additional information, see our FAQ page or email us.