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Executive Editor

Subjects: green building, land use planning, sustainable cities, transportation, urban design

I am very interested in books that take a fresh look at pressing urban problems around transportation, public space, energy, and housing—creating more livable lower-carbon living for urban regions with a focus on the most vulnerable populations. I have been with Island Press since 1992, and currently work out of Brooklyn, New York. In 2004-2005, I was a Loeb Fellow at the Harvard Graduate School of Design where I studied land-use planning, urban design, and real estate development. I am coauthor of Resilient Cities: Responding to Peak Oil and Climate Change with Peter Newman and Timothy Beatley (Island Press 2009). My undergraduate degree is in English literature from the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN, after which I completed the Denver Publishing Institute.

Senior Editor

Subjects: food, health, water, sustainable agriculture, toxics

I acquire books at the intersection of human and environmental health. I am especially interested in food and agriculture, the microbiome, disease, and the effect of chemicals on our health. My favorite books deliver an important message through a compelling narrative or voice. Recent publications include Dan Fagin's Toms River (winner of the Pulitzer Prize), Carey Gillam's Whitewash (winner of the Rachel Carson Environment Book Award), and Mary Beth Pfeiffer's Lyme: The First Epidemic of Climate Change. I first joined Island Press in 2002 and I am now excited to develop our growing list on health. I have also worked at New York University Press and Academy Chicago Publishers. I hold an M.A. in writing from Johns Hopkins University and a B.A. in English literature from the University of Virginia.


Subjects: green infrastructure, urban agriculture, landscape architecture, urban biodiversity, sustainable cities, land use planning

My acquisitions interests lie at the intersection of natural and built environments. The majority of books I acquire are written for a professional audience, although I welcome submissions for general interest books that ask provocative questions about the relationship between cities and nature.  Recent publications include Conservation for Cities by Robert McDonald and Artful Rainwater Design by Stuart Echols and Eliza Pennypacker, which both provide thoughtful insights into how we can improve our cities with well-designed green infrastructure projects.  I joined Island Press in 2008 after working at the Great Smoky Mountains Association. I hold a BA in ecology and evolutionary biology from Princeton University and completed the Columbia Publishing Course.


Subjects: conservation biology, ecology, restoration, forests and wildlife, climate change, oceans, science communication, sustainable living, environmental justice

I acquire books about the natural world, and science communication. I am particularly interested in climate, justice, biodiversity, wildlife, oceans, fire, and forests; how scientists and communicators can convey critical research more effectively; and any book that shows us new ways to live sustainably on a crowded planet. I believe humor can have a place in effective environmental writing. Recent books I’ve enjoyed working on include Faith Kearn’s Getting to the Heart of Science Communication, Sandra Goldmark’s Fixation, and the third edition of Allan Savory’s classic Holistic Management. I joined Island Press in 2006 after working as a freelance copyeditor, and earlier work in natural resources consulting and forestry. I hold an MA in English literature from California State University, Chico, and a BS in forest management from the University of California, Berkeley.

Associate Editor and Subsidiary Rights Manager

Subjects: ecology, conservation, biology, natural history, evolution and genetics, oceans, environmental history

I welcome projects that explore novel ways of looking at the natural world and make innovative science accessible to a wider audience. I’m particularly interested in books shaped by a strong narrative, surprising argument, or engaging writing. I’ve recently worked on Brilliant Green by Stefano Mancuso and Alessandra Viola, a scientist’s manifesto on plant intelligence, and Satellites in the High Country by Jason Mark, a lyric and insightful look at the role of wildness in our Human Age. Along with my acquisitions work, I manage the licensing of subsidiary rights for Island Press titles, including international and audio rights. I joined the editorial team at Island Press in 2010 and hold a BA in English with minor studies in biology from Whitman College.

Island Press Urban Resilience Project

Urban Resilience Editor (short form)

Subjects: climate change adaptation, social equity, urban built environment, conservation

I lead the Island Press Urban Resilience Project, which seeks to imagine and inspire the sustainable, equitable, climate-resilient cities of the future. In this role, I work with leading thinkers from a variety of fields—including ecology, community development, and green building—to draft and place blog posts, articles, and other “short-form” writing. Over the years, I have written extensively about environment, health, and social justice issues. I edited A Pivotal Moment: Population, Justice and the Environmental Challenge (Island Press, 2009) and Beyond the Numbers: A Reader on Population, Consumption, and the Environment (Island Press, 1994). With Michael Jacobson, I coauthored Marketing Madness: A Survival Guide to a Consumer Society (Westview Press, 1995).