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David Miller, President



To submit a book proposal, please find the appropriate editor here. For urban resilience article ideas, please contact Laurie Mazur.

Heather Boyer, Senior Vice President and Editorial Director

Emily Turner, Senior Editor

Stacy Eisenstark, Senior Editor

Erin Johnson, Editor

Rebecca Bright, Editor & Rights Manager

Annie Byrnes, Assistant Editor

Laurie Mazur, Urban Resilience Editor (short form)


Sharis Simonian, Associate Director of Production & Manufacturing

Elise Ricotta, Associate Production Editor

Kendall Geisel, Production Assistant


Julie Marshall, Vice President and Director of Marketing & Sales

Jason Leppig, Associate Director of Marketing

Jaime Jennings, Associate Director of Publicity

Kyler Geoffroy, Online Marketing Manager

Jen Hawse, Partnership Manager

Christerpher Beaudry, Business Systems Analyst

Jonathan Stine, Sales Associate

Julie Greene, Publicity & Marketing Assistant


Brandi Stanton, Vice President and Director of Development

Andrea Kimberling, Development Coordinator


Ken Hartzell, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Laura Hess, Director of Accounting & Administration

Amy Bridges, Office Manager & Accounting Clerk