Your donation could go twice as far!

Did you know that more than 26 million people work for companies with employee matching gift programs? You might too! Learn more about your employer’s matching gift program by entering the company’s name in the search box below. 





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What is a matching gift? 

Matching gift programs are a type of corporate philanthropy where companies match their employees' donations to eligible nonprofit organizations. The match rate can vary depending on the company's policy, but it is usually 1:1, meaning that the company will match the employee's donation dollar-for-dollar. By taking a couple of extra steps to ensure your company matches your gift, you are DOUBLING your impact, so that critical environmental solutions can reach more people.  


How can I get my gift matched? 

It’s simple!  

  1. Make your donation here

  2. Check if your company has a matching gift program (Double the Donation form coming soon!). 

  3. Submit a request to your company’s matching gift program. 

That’s it! Then your company will issue the match, and your gift can go twice as far.  


What information do I need from Island Press?  

Here’s everything you should need to get your gift matched! Please contact us if you run into any bumps and we’re happy to help. You can email us at  

  • Company Name: Island Press 

  • Tax ID: 94-2578166 

  • Address: 2000 M St NW Ste 480-B | Washington, DC 20036-3307 

  • Company Contact Person: Shea Conlan, Development Coordinator; 202.232.7933, extension 59;