Members of the Island Press Legacy Society play an important role in the future of our planet. 

This group of committed supporters is planning to leave a legacy—through a bequest to Island Press—that will propel our good work forward into the decades ahead. 

We are confident that the environmental community will need the solutions we publish well into the future—and we are energized by the support of members of the Island Press Legacy Society, who have paved the way to the movement’s future success with their foresight and generosity. 

Becoming an Island Press Legacy Leader is easy: there are no strings attached and no firm commitments or promises to make. We just ask that you let us know if you have included Island Press in your will, that you plan to, or that you are interested in learning more about this opportunity. This way, we can keep you informed—and recognize you for your leadership role. Please reach out to us at to learn more.  


Sample Bequest Language 

Thank you for considering a bequest. Please share the following suggested language with your attorney as you prepare or revise your will. A few sentences in your will or trust help to ensure we can publish environmental solutions for future generations. 

Our recommended language is: "I give [percentage, specific amount, or residue] to Island Press, a non-profit organization currently located in Washington, DC, for its general purposes." 

If your estate plans are up to date, you can simply draft a short codicil, or amendment, to the existing document to include Island Press. 

We recommend this or similar language: "I hereby amend my Last Will and Testament, executed on the [xx] day of [month] in the year [20xx]. I direct that all provisions of that Will remain in effect but in addition direct that Island Press, a non-profit organization currently located in Washington, DC, receive the sum of [xxx] dollars to be used for its general purposes." 

Contact our Development Department at (202)232-7933 for more information about the Island Press Legacy Society. 

Island Press is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (tax ID 94-2578166). Please consult your attorney or tax advisor to learn how tax benefits may apply to your personal situation.