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Cynthia Sousa Machado

Cynthia Sousa Machado is an artist and cartoonist whose work explores identity, politics, and social justice issues. With her husband Sam Machado, Cynthia creates a range of illustrations and artistic work, including the cartoons "I Got This" and "If I Don’t Get Pants." Sam and Cynthia's editorial cartoons have been found in the Guardian, The New Republic and Redbook and their webcomic Cyberbunk can be found on Webtoon. Cynthia lives and illustrates in Miami, FL.

Thing: Inside the Struggle for Animal Personhood by Samuel Machado and Cynthia Sousa Machado with Steven M. Wise | An Island Press book


Inside the Struggle for Animal Personhood

Happy has lived at the Bronx Zoo for most of her 48 years, and for more than a decade has remained largely isolated and lonely. Like all elephants, Happy has a complex mind and a deep social, intellectual, and emotional life; she desires to make choices and has a sense of self-recognition. But like all nonhuman animals, Happy is considered a thing in the eye of the law, with no fundamental rights. Due to a series of groundbreaking legal cases, however, this is beginning to change—and Happy’s liberation is at the forefront.