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David Govatski

David Govatski is a forester and environmental consultant who worked for the U.S. Forest Service for more than thirty years. He has conducted forest inventories, developed and supervised forest management plans, and written assessments of the environmental impact of forest plans and policies. From his base in New Hampshire, he conducts field inventories and prepares management plans for endangered plant and animal species. He is also a professional trip leader and leads canoeing, birding, and hiking expeditions throughout the United States and Canada. David is past president of the board of Weeks State Park in Lancaster, New Hampshire, the summer estate of John Wingate Weeks, the cosponsor of the Weeks Act. He is a member of the Forest History Society.

Forests for the People

Forests for the People

The Story of America's Eastern National Forests

Forests for the People tells one of the most extraordinary stories of environmental protection in our nation’s history: how  a diverse coalition of citizens, organizations, and business and political leaders worked to create a system of...