Thank You from Island Press Author Edward Struzik

You and I have witnessed a host of events this past year that have brought us face to face with the sobering reality of climate change. The value of your friendship—as a reader and supporter of Island Press—has never been more important.

That’s why Ed Struzik, author of Firestorm: How Wildfire Will Shape Our Future, created this special message of thanks just for you.



Island Press published his book in October 2017. Today, Ed is a respected resource for people seeking answers to the threat of deadly megafires.

Insurance executives invited Ed to give the keynote at the Catastrophe Conference (Property Claim Services’ annual conference on extreme weather events) to discuss the link between wildfires and climate change. He has led workshops with military leaders and toured forests with natural resource managers—all to discuss new solutions for managing megafires. His ideas have appeared in The New York Times and Los Angeles Times, and will be featured in a National Geographic documentary. 

Your support of Island Press is influencing policymakers, business leaders, community advocates and other stakeholders to take positive, constructive measures on climate change.

From all of us, thank you.