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Autonorama by technology historian Peter Norton. Featured in the The New York Times and on National Public Radio, the book explores why driverless cars cannot be the safe, sustainable, and inclusive transportation solution that automakers and tech companies claim because car dependency itself is the problem. Impossible promises about AVs are distracting from investments in existing transportation technology.  

Bet the Farm by food/ag reporter-turned-farmer Beth Hoffman, which was featured in Civil Eats, Des Moines Register, and Acres USA. In it, she delivers a real-world take on the financial reality of moving to Iowa with her husband to run the family farm. The result is a revealing look at a larger story of American agriculture and how farming could be economically and environmentally sustainable.

A Good Drink by bartender and oral storyteller Shanna Farrell. She reveals the urgent need for sustainable spirits and shares the stories of the farmers, distillers, and bartenders driving the “good drink” movement. Featured in Civil Eats, Modern Farmer, Imbibe Magazine, and others, A Good Drink is an “insightful tour de force… Farrell’s writing is as informative as it is intoxicating.” (Publishers Weekly)

Autonorama by Peter Norton | An Island Press book

Bet the Farm by Beth Hoffman | An Island Press book

A Good Drink by Shanna Farrell | An Island Press book

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Swamplands by Edward Struzik. In an engaging travel narrative, Struzik explores the history of swamplands and highlights scientists, conservationists, and landowners’ efforts to protect these vital ecosystems. The Wall Street Journal calls it an “adventurous natural history...Swamplands belongs to the John McPhee school of science popularizing, incorporating profiles of on-site specialists into its crisp and enthusiastic explainers…fascinating book.”

Thicker Than Water by journalist Erica Cirino. Featured in Popular Science, The Scientist and Ars Technica, the book is a global journey to meet the scientists and activists on the front lines of the plastic crisis as they work to uncover the extent and detrimental effects of plastics and to develop solutions for a healthier world.

Trains, Buses, People 2nd edition by Christof Spieler. Now fully updated and expanded, the second edition profiles the 49 metropolitan areas in the US and eight metropolitan areas in Canada that have rail transit or BRT, using data, photos, and maps for easy comparison.

Curbing Traffic by mobility experts Melissa and Chris Bruntlett. Interweaving their experience living in the Netherlands with research and interviews with experts and locals, the Bruntletts argue that cities designed for people, not motor vehicles, are critical for individual and societal health and well-being.

Swamplands by Edward Struzik | An Island Press book

Thicker Than Water by Erica Cirino | An Island Press book

Trains, Buses, People 2nd ed. by Christof Spieler | An Island Press book

Curbing Traffic by Chris and Melissa Bruntlett | An Island Press book

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Schools That Heal by landscape architect Claire Latané. For schools to be supportive learning environments, they must be designed with students’ mental and physical health in mind. Backed by decades of research, Latané shows how features like big windows and open campuses improve academic performance and reduce stress, anxiety, and disorderly conduct.

A Blueprint for Coastal Adaptation edited by Carolyn Kousky, Billy Fleming, and Alan M. Berger. They identify a bold new research and policy agenda for coastal adaptation and provide implementable options to help protect coastal communities against increased risk while preserving their economic value, natural environments, and cultural values.

Recast Your City by community development expert Ilana Preuss. She explains how local leaders can revitalize downtowns and main streets by bringing in and supporting small-scale manufacturing.

Schools That Heal by Claire Latane | An Island Press book

A Blueprint for Coastal Adaptation edited by Carolyn Kousky, Billy Fleming, and Alan M. Berger | An Island Press book

Recast Your City by Ilana Preuss | An Island Press book

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