#ForewordFriday: Landscape Architecture Gets Ecological

For decades, landscape architecture was driven solely by artistic sensibilities. But in these times of global change, the opportunity to reshape the world comes with a responsibility to consider how it can be resilient, fostering health and vitality for humans and nature. Landscape Architecture Theory: An Ecological Approach re-examines the fundamentals of the field, offering a new approach to landscape design that incorporates art, science, sustainability, and more. Drawing on his extensive career in teaching and practice, acclaimed landscape architect Michael D. Murphy's clear writing makes complex theory topics understandable, and his unique emphasis ont he science and sustianbility aspects of landcsape architecture set his book apart from existing literature. 

As Frederick Steiner, author of Human Ecology observed, “Landscape architecture is a discipline that has benefitted greatly from a few good theories, including ‘parks are good for people’ and ‘design with nature.’ Even so, theory in the field has not been well organized or systematically understood. With this fine book, Michael D. Murphy wonderfully fills these gaps.”

Check out an excerpt from Murphy's book below.