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Wednesday, June 29, 3:30 pm ET

In more than forty years of work in cities around the globe, Jaime Lerner has been the driving force behind a host of innovative large-scale urban projects, from the pioneering Bus Rapid Transit system to parks designed to catch runoff and reduce flooding. However, many of Lerner’s contributions show us that changes to a community don’t need to be large-scale and expensive to have a transformative impact—in fact, one block, park, or a single person can have an outsized effect on life in the surrounding city. In his celebrated book, Urban Acupuncture, Lerner celebrates these “pinpricks” of urbanism—projects, people, and initiatives from around the world that ripple through their communities to uplift city life.

On Wednesday, June 29, join a diverse panel of urbanists and community change-makers to see how Lerner’s work and vision continue to affect positive change in cities. Panelists include Mike Lydon, Principal at The Street Plans Collaborative and co-author of Tactical Urbanism; Erin Barnes, co-founder and executive director of ioby; and Stephen Goldsmith, director of The Center for the Living City. The webinar will be moderated by The Overhead Wire’s Jeffrey Wood.