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What U.S. Municipalities Can Learn From San Francisco's Urban Farming Movement

This is an excerpt of Francesca Vietor,  president of The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission Last year my 26-year-old niece left her job as an executive assistant at a well-known advertising agency to become an apprentice gardener at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California. Now, when she moves back to San Francisco, she wants to talk her neighbors into tearing down the fences separating their yards so they can build a community garden. She wants to make soap and dye wool to make a living. She and nearly all of the twenty-somethings I meet want to spend the day with their hands in the dirt, not in front of a computer screen; they want food and financial security, they are interested in homesteading, and they are crazy about urban framing. Read full article >> Order Darrin Nordahl's Public Produce: The New Urban Agriculture >>