African Rhino
Status Survey and Conservation Action Plan

Edited by Richard Emslie and Martin Brooks

The black and the white rhinoceros have become flagship species for international conservation. They are significant not only for the continuation of a major evolutionary heritage, but also as symbols for the protection of African savannahs. The...

101 pages
5.5 x 7

Biology and Conservation of Freshwater Cetaceans in Asia

Edited by Randall R. Reeves and Brian D. Smith

This compilation brings together current information on the status of Asian freshwater cetacean populations, the factors that have caused their recent declines, and what can be done to improve their chances for survival. Includes papers on water...

160 pages
8.2 x 10.8

Status Survey and Conservation Action Plan 2000-2004

Edited by Ilse Storch

Grouse have long attracted and fascinated people. Their display behavior, and their traditional communal mating grounds or "leks", have inspired poetry and folklore as well as scientific theories on sexual selection and mating systems. In many...

121 pages
8.5 x 11

Requiem for Nature

For ecologist John Terborgh, Manu National Park in the rainforest of Peru is a second home; he has spent half of each of the past twenty-five years there conducting research. Like all parks, Manu is assumed to provide inviolate protection to...

246 pages
6 x 9

African Antelope Database 1998

Edited by Rod East

Although most antelope species still exist in large numbers in sub-Saharan Africa (some in hundreds of thousands), up to three-quarters of the species are in decline. Threats to their survival arise from the rapid growth of human and livestock...

444 pages
5.5 x 7

The Living Ocean
Understanding and Protecting Marine Biodiversity

Boyce Thorne-Miller; Foreword by Sylvia Earle

The first edition of The Living Ocean, published in 1991 by Island Press in association with Friends of the Earth, was widely praised by scientists, policymakers, instructors, and general readers as a useful and accessible introduction to...

240 pages
6 x 9

Bioregional Assessments
Science At The Crossroads Of Management And Policy

Edited by K. Norman Johnson, Frederick Swanson, Margaret Herring, and Sarah Greene; Foreword by Jerry F. Franklin

In diverse regions around the country, impending crises over dwindling natural resources and conflicts over land use have given birth to a new approach to environmental management and policymaking. Known as bioregional assessment, the approach...

416 pages
6 x 9

Coming Home to the Pleistocene

"When we grasp fully that the best expressions of our humanity were not invented by civilization but by cultures that preceded it, that the natural world is not only a set of constraints but of contexts within which we can more fully...

206 pages
6 x 9

Stewardship Across Boundaries

Every piece of land, no matter how remote or untrammeled, has a boundary. While sometimes boundary lines follow topographic or biological features, more often they follow the straight lines of political dictate and compromise. Administrative...

382 pages
6 x 9

The Business of  Sustainable Forestry - Case Studies
Analyses And Case Studies

Sustainable Forestry Working Group

In 1996, the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation brought together leading experts from business, environmental groups, universities, and foundations to explore the restructuring of the forest products industry into a more sustainable...

353 pages
9 x 11


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