Shaping National Responses to Climate Change
A Post-Rio Guide

Edited by Henry Lee

Shaping National Responses to Climate Change explores methods of designing, implementing, and gaining political support -- both domestically and internationally -- for strategies and policies to reduce greenhouse gases. The book frames the...

316 pages
6 x 9

Designing the City
A Guide For Advocates And Public Officials

Written in a clear and engaging style, Designing the City is a practical manual for improving the way communities are planned, designed, and built. It presents a wealth of information on design and decision-making, including advice on how...

210 pages
6 x 9

Let the People Judge
Wise Use And The Private Property Rights Movement

Edited by John Echeverria and Ray Eby

One of the most serious challenges to environmentalism that has emerged in the 1990s is the so-called Wise Use movement. While operating under the guise of an independent movement of small landowners, it is in reality a backlash against...

381 pages
6 x 9

Future Drive
Electric Vehicles And Sustainable Transportation

In Future Drive, Daniel Sperling addresses the adverse energy and environmental consequences of increased travel, and analyzes current initiatives to suggest strategies for creating a more environmentally benign system of transportation...

191 pages
6 x 9

Investing in Natural Capital
The Ecological Economics Approach To Sustainability

Investing in Natural Capital presents the results of a workshop held following the second biannual conference of the International Society for Ecological Economics. It focuses on the relation of human development to natural capital, and...

520 pages
6 x 9

Renewable Energy
Sources For Fuels And Electricity

Edited by Laurie Burnham, Henry Kelly, Amula K. N. Reddy, Robert Williams, and Thomas B. Johansson

Written and edited by the world's leading experts, Renewable Energy is the most comprehensive reference work on alternative energy ever published. Overall performance, cost, market potential, and environmental impact are assessed for fuels...

1160 pages
6 x 9

Taking Out the Trash
A No-Nonsense Guide To Recycling

Taking Out the Trash is a practical and useful guide to how individuals, businesses, and communities can help alleviate America's garbage crisis.

249 pages
6 x 9

Energy and the Ecological Economics of Sustainability

John Peet

Energy and the Ecological Economics of Sustainability examines the roots of the present environmental crisis in the neoclassical economics upon which modern industrial society is based. The author explains that only when we view ourselves...

327 pages
6 x 9

Steering a New Course
Transportation, Energy, and the Environment

Deborah Gordon and Warren Leon

Steering a New Course offers a comprehensive survey and analysis of America's transportation system -- how it contributes to our environmental problems and how we could make it safer, more efficient, and less costly.

259 pages
6 x 9

The Rising Tide
Global Warming And World Sea Levels

The Rising Tide is the first analysis of global warming and world sea level rise. It outlines state, national, and international actions to respond to the effects of global warming on coastal communities and ecosystems.

157 pages
6 x 9


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