Second Edition

Since the first publication of this landmark textbook in 2004, it has received high praise for its clear, comprehensive, and practical approach.  The second edition continues to offer a unique framework for teaching and learning...

776 pages
8 x 10
Full Color, 450 photos and illustrations

Urban Ecological Design
A Process for Regenerative Places

This trailblazing book outlines an interdisciplinary "process model" for urban design that has been developed and tested over time. Its goal is not to explain how to design a specific city precinct or public space, but to describe useful steps to...

328 pages
8.5 x 10
Two 8-page color inserts, 55 photos, 64 illustrations

Human Transit
How Clearer Thinking about Public Transit Can Enrich Our Communities and Our Lives

Public transit is a powerful tool for addressing a huge range of urban problems, including traffic congestion and economic development as well as climate change. But while many people support transit in the abstract, it's often hard to channel...

256 pages
6 x 9
3 photos, 56 illustrations

City Rules
How Regulations Affect Urban Form

City Rules offers a challenge to students and professionals in urban planning, design, and policy to change the rules of city-building, using regulations to reinvigorate, rather than stifle, our communities. Emily Talen demonstrates that...

256 pages
7 x 10
77 photos, 73 illustrations

Local Climate Action Planning

Climate change is a global problem, but the problem begins locally. Cities consume 75% of the world's energy and emit 80% of the world's greenhouse gases. Changing the way we build and operate our cities can have major effects on greenhouse gas...

304 pages
6 x 9
24 photos and illustrations

The TDR Handbook
Designing and Implementing Transfer of Development Rights Programs

"Transfer of Development Rights" (TDR) programs allow local governments to put economic principles to work in encouraging good land use planning. TDR programs most often permit landowners to forfeit development rights in areas targeted for...

344 pages
8 x 10.5
45 photos and illustrations

Changing Places
Urbanity, Citizenship, and Ideology in the New European Neighbourhoods

Edited by Frank Eckhardt and Marco Cremaschi

This book investigates the process of change in European neighbourhoods over the last twenty years, both newly and purposely built neighbourhoods and redeveloped ones. It shows that change takes many varied and complex paths, rather than the...

256 pages
6.8 x 9.5

Making Room for People
Choice, Voice and Liveability in Residential Places

Edited by Lei Qu and Evert Hasselaar

Making Room for People explores the conditions under which the choice and voice of residents contribute to more livable and sustainable urban areas. A number of Dutch cases illustrate the outcomes of recent policy measures, participatory...

256 pages
6.5 x 9.2

Designing and Building for Health, Well-being, and Sustainability

The environment that we construct affects both humans and our natural world in myriad ways. There is a pressing need to create healthy places and to reduce the health threats inherent in places already built. However, there has been little...

440 pages
8 x 10
One 8-page color insert, 52 photos, 20 illustrations

Management of Urban Development Processes in the Netherlands
Governance, Design, and Feasibility

Edited by Agnes Franzen, Fred Hobma, Hans de Jonge, and Gerard Wigmans

In Europe, urban area development has witnessed an increased role and influence by the private sector, and is no longer dominated by the public sector. Management of Urban Development Processes discusses these changes and describes different...

288 pages
6.8 x 9.5


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