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Satellites in the High Country by Jason Mark | An Island Press book"Thoughtful meditations from a trustworthy guide that will appeal strongly to anyone interested in wilderness in our post-wild world."

"[This] book... had me reanalyzing...every opinion I hold about what nature is, what wilderness is and what we can, can't, should and shouldn't do to our planet...The book is a conversation."
Mother Nature Network

"Through it all, [Mark] does a nice job of balancing historical fact and sociopolitical commentary with poetic passages that celebrate the breathtaking beauty of the natural world."
KQED Arts "The Spine"

"Wildness, he discovers, is not only all around us, but inside us as well, having little to do with what is pristine or untouched and everything to do with nature’s intricate system of adaptation and response, function and beauty, and our innate capacity for awe. This book is a conversation with sanity."
Terry Tempest Williams, author of "When Women Were Birds"

"Jason Mark does an excellent job of combining personal hiking stories with the politics and history of wilderness acts, and the philosophical perspective on wilderness."
HeyJude.Oregon (Amazon Review)

"Satellites in the High Country continues the conversation started by Henry David Thoreau, John Muir, Rachel Carson, John McPhee, and Annie Dillard about our place in the world, and our duty to protect all that is not human civilization."
Brian Smith (Amazon Review)

"Mark transcends the practical and really does capture the value of wilderness for its own sake."
Bjorn Beer (Amazon Review)


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