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Shade Shutters

Following a lengthy career in corporate finance and consulting, Dr. Shutters completed a Ph.D. in Biology in 2009 at Arizona State University and went on to complete a postdoc in Applied Economics at the University of Vigo, Spain, and a postdoc on complex systems (urban systems focus) at Arizona State University.  His research is focused on identifying and measuring interconnectivity in urban systems, particularly of more cryptic phenomena such as information networks and economic interdependencies.  Focusing on countries with adequate data on their metropolitan areas, he uses big data analytics and complex systems science to map and analyze how interconnectivity not only enhances efficiency, but also increases fragility and leads to cascading effects.  He works closely with community stakeholders to translate his research into decision tools for economic and workforce development.  His secondary focus is on trade networks of primarily agricultural commodities and how the structure of those networks relates to social stability and vulnerabilities.  His long term goal is to contribute to the founding of a new science of cities and to create novel decision tools that facilitate a city’s transition to a more sustainable, resilient, and knowledge-driven economy.
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