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Abbie Gascho Landis

Abbie Gascho Landis is a writer and veterinarian whose work has been published in Pinchpenny Press, Full Grown People, and Paste Magazine. She has won Duke University’s Center for Documentary Studies 2015 Essay Award and an Arthur DeLong Writing Award and was a finalist for the Constance Rooke Creative Nonfiction Award. Landis has a bachelor’s degree in English and biology from Goshen College and a doctorate in veterinary medicine from The Ohio State University.


The Science and Mystery of Freshwater Mussels

Abbie Gascho Landis first fell for freshwater mussels while submerged in an Alabama creek, her pregnant belly squeezed into a wetsuit. After an hour of fruitless scanning, a mussel materialized from the rocks—a little spectaclecase, herself...