Courtney White

Courtney White

In 1997, Courtney White voluntarily dropped out of the "conflict industry" to co-found The Quivira Coalition, a nonprofit organization dedicated to building bridges between ranchers, conservationists, public land managers, scientists and others.


In 2006, The Quivira Coalition ventured into the ranching business when 149 heifers were delivered to its Valle Grande Ranch, located on the Santa Fe National Forest. White likes to say The Quivira Coalition is now a “conservation organization that runs livestock for land health and profit.”


His writing has been published in numerous magazines. His essay “The Working Wilderness: a Call for a Land Health Movement” was recently published in Wendell Berry’s collection of essays entitled The Way of Ignorance. A collection of White’s essays titled Revolution on the Range will be published by Island Press in June 2008.


White lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with his family and a backyard full of chickens.

Conservation for a New Generation

Conservation for a New Generation

Redefining Natural Resources Management

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Revolution on the Range by Courtney White | An Island Press book

Revolution on the Range

The Rise of a New Ranch in the American West

In the final decade of the twentieth century, the American West was at war. Battle lines had hardened, with environmentalists squarely on one side of the fence, and ranchers on the other. By the mid-1990s, debates over the region’s damaged land...