Eliza Pennypacker

Eliza Pennypacker is a professor of landscape architecture at Penn State whose research and teaching about the roots and significance of middle class American landscape taste led her to realize that ecological landscapes must also function aesthetically if they are to be valued and sustained.  Pennypacker and coauthor Stuart Echols have taught and researched stormwater management and landscape aesthetics extensively, which has given rise to their work on the topic of "artful rainwater design" (ARD). This approach to stormwater management in landscapes as both utility and as amenity is consistently informed and expanded by their work with students at Penn State. 


It's April; Let's Celebrate Rain

April is the month of rain.  At least it is in our world: the mid-Atlantic U.S. With sincere apologies to readers who live in current drought, here in Pennsylvania we typically have reminded ourselves that “April showers bring May flowers,” and so we would endure—endure the puddles, the gloomy skies, the downpours, the temporary flooding of streets.

#ForewordFriday: Singin' in the Rain Edition

This urban rain garden two blocks from the Island Press office doesn't just help the city manage rainwater, it's also educates urbanites about rain, serves as wildlife habitat and is a lovely place to enjoy a frozen yogurt afternoon snack.