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John Kamp

John Kamp is an urban and landscape designer, facilitator, and licensed landscape contractor. Through his design practice, Prairieform, he has over 10 years of experience in the design and installation of irrigation-free landscapes, the writing and illustrating of design guidelines—including the Small Lot Design Guidelines for the City of Los Angeles—work in urban tree canopy restoration, and improving neighborhood walkability. He is an experienced facilitator who leads workshops through Place It!, has conducted trainings on water conservation and irrigation-free landscaping, and worked extensively with immigrant youth in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Dream Play Build by  James Rojas and John Kamp | An Island Press book

Dream Play Build

Hands-On Community Engagement for Enduring Spaces and Places

The room is dim, the chairs are in perfectly lined rows. The city planner puts up a color-coded diagram of the street improvement project, dreading the inevitable angry responses. Jana loves her community and is glad to be able to attend the...