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Judy Corbett

Judith A. Corbett is the founder of the Local Government Commission, where she has served as executive director for the past 25 years, during which the organization has published more than 50 policy guidebooks for local government officials. Corbett was codeveloper of the highly acclaimed Village Homes, a model for sustainable development located in Davis, CA, and she spearheaded the Ahwahnee Land Use Principles, which forecast the Smart Growth movement. She has coauthored three books on resource efficient-land use and building design and has served as a featured speaker at conferences throughout the United States, Mexico, and Europe. She was named by Time magazine as a "Hero for the Planet" and in 2005 received the National Leadership in Planning Award from the American Planning Association.

Designing Sustainable Communities

Designing Sustainable Communities

Learning From Village Homes

The movement toward creating more sustainable communities has been growing for decades, and in recent years has gained new prominence with the increasing visibility of planning approaches such as the New Urbanism. Yet there are few examples of successful and time-tested sustainable communities.

Village Homes outside of Davis, California offers one such example.