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Tim Palmer

Tim Palmer is the author and photographer of 23 books about rivers, the environment, adventure travel, and the American landscape. His Island Press titles include The Sierra Nevada: A Mountain Journey (1988), The Snake River: Window to the West (1991), California's Threatened Environment (1993), The Wild and Scenic Rivers of America (1993), Lifelines: The Case for River Conservation (1994), America by Rivers (1996), The Heart of America: Our Landscape, Our Future (1999, winner of the Independent Publishers Award), and Pacific High: Adventures in the Coast Ranges from Baja to Alaska (2002, finalist for the Benjamin Franklin Book Award).
Tim is the recipient of the National Outdoor Book Award, Lifetime Achievement Award from American Rivers, and Conservation Achievement Award for Communications from the National Wildlife Federation. He frequently speaks and presents slide programs for public audiences and college classes nationwide. Learn more at

Pacific High

Pacific High

Adventures In The Coast Ranges From Baja To Alaska

"Starting out, my mind and spirit were open to the mystery of foreign cultures, the spareness of aridity, the tension of seismicity, the heat of fire, the exuberance of the vast, the abundance of rot and rebirth, the kindness of strangers, the...

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The Heart of America

Our Landscape, Our Future

From the cliffs of Big Sur to the dunes at Cape Hatteras, from the bogs of the Boundary Waters to the deserts of the Rio Grande, the landscape of America has shaped us into the people we are. Not only is it central to ecological health and...

America by Rivers

America by Rivers

Photographer and writer Tim Palmer has spent more than 25 years researching and experiencing life on the waterways of the American continent. He has travelled by canoe or raft on more than 300 different rivers, down wide placid streams and rough...