Congratulations to Daniel Pauly, Island Press author and the newest recipient of the Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement! From the Tyler Prize press release:

The 2023 Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement, often described as the ‘Nobel Prize for the Environment’, has been awarded to two courageous Canadian ocean fisheries experts: ecologist Daniel Pauly and economist Rashid Sumaila.

Fish are an integral part of the world’s oceans, which in turn produces 50 percent of the Earth’s oxygen – and this year the  Tyler Prize honors the work of two scientists protecting the ‘lungs of the planet’.

Both Laureates, long-time colleagues at the Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries at the University of British Columbia  (UBC), said they wanted to use the Tyler Prize to spread an  urgent and evidence-based message: all fishing on the high seas  should be banned.

“Creating no-take marine reserves is something we must do. Banning fishing in the high seas, which is the  area outside the 200-nautical-mile zones of maritime countries, will create a critically-needed ‘fish bank’  for the world,” said Sumaila, who is the Canada Research Chair in Interdisciplinary Ocean and Fisheries  Economics at UBC.

“If we don’t stop overfishing, we will lose marine stocks essential for food security and biodiversity, and  the ocean’s ability to effectively regulate global temperatures,” added Pauly, who is the Founder and  Principal Investigator of the UBC research initiative Sea Around Us.



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