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From the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies

Stephen R. Kellert ’71 Ph.D., a revered...

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The agenda for cities of the future is to have more sustainable transport options available so that a city can indeed reduce its traffic whilst reducing its greenhouse gases 50 percent by 2050 (the global agenda set through the International Panel on...

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How long should a leaf live? When should blueberries ripen? What should a clever moose eat?

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What does it mean to conserve is an era of ever growing rates of cultural, social, and ecological change? One dictionary definition of conservation I found defined it as the act of preserving, guarding, or protecting. But what does one guard or...

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What does religion have to do with the environment? Let John Grim and Mary Evelyn Tucker explain in their must-read book, Ecology and Religion. Grim and Tucker argue that the...

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Earth Day 1970. Photo by Bill Ingraham.


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