#ForewordFriday: Urban Transformations Edition

Cities across the globe have been designed with a primary goal of moving people around quickly—and the costs are becoming ever more apparent. The consequences are measured in smoggy air basins, sprawling suburbs, a failure to stem traffic congestion, and 1.25 million traffic fatalities each year. It is clear that change is needed. Instead of planning primarily for mobility, our cities should recalibrate planning and design to focus on the safety, health, and access of people in them.

Beyond Mobility is about prioritizing the needs and aspirations of people and the creation of great places. Authored by three experts in the field, including global transportation authority Robert Cervero, the book shows how a stronger focus on accessibility and place creates better communities, environments, and economies. Examples range from car-free districts in Cambridge, England, to suburban transformations in Tysons, VA, to urban greenways and land reclamation in Seoul, South Korea. Jan Gehl, author of Cities for People, praised the book, saying: “This veritable tour de force will be an inspiration and resource for anyone who cares about the future of cities.” 

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