Bikemore believes in building a city designed for face-to-face interactions, serendipity, mobility, and sustainability. A city designed for people. All people. In a city where isolation and segregation define the past and present, Bikemore believes it’s time for connection to define our future.

Their organization represents thousands of people who ride bicycles every day, for transportation and recreation, throughout the Greater Baltimore urbanized region. 

Bikemore’s Strategic Plan  is founded on building a more livable city. Their priorities are to:  

Bikemore advocates for policies and infrastructure that create thriving neighborhoods in Baltimore. Their work includes expanding protected bicycle infrastructure between the many neighborhoods in the city. They’re also working within those neighborhoods through their Mobile Bike Shop and community events to ensure resources are in place for people to easily access the goods and services they need on foot or by bike. They believe in putting people before cars and expanding opportunity for all of Baltimore’s residents.

Bikemore is Baltimore’s always-on transportation advocate. “We show up. We turn people out. We are always paying attention.”

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