In a new article published in collaboration with Island Press, Robert Searns (author of Beyond Greenways) spotlights the role libraries can play both as hubs for walking microadventures and as vital centers of resilience services. 

Searns writes:

“Why start a hike at a library? Aren’t they just stuffy, obsolete places where you’d see old seedy sorts hunched over the computer screens viewing who knows what? And, besides, with digital books, who needs a library?” That’s how one neighbor put it when I described my intended library saunter. I did not have a good answer, so I wondered about it as well. It had been decades since I’d been to a public library. But the after visiting a local library to take a break while on a walk I got a very different impression, it was a very pleasant place and maybe a great spot to start out on a walk. So, to test the idea, I decided to plot out a series of hub walks starting and ending at libraries. I soon learned that my neighbor was very wrong.

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