As I approached the end of my third year of college, I knew it was time to gain real experience in marketing and publicity. While searching for an internship, Island Press caught my eye because I have always had an interest in books and the environment. Even though I did not have any background in publishing, I can definitely confirm that the publicity internship at Island Press was the perfect fit for me.

From sending books to interested outlets and pitching authors to media, to researching media contacts, drafting press releases, and more, Island Press gave me an amazing internship experience. I loved that I was always busy. I have been studying journalism and marketing for three years, but I hadn’t had the chance to practice what I learned in the real world until now.

Not knowing much about publishing changed quickly as I dove into this world head first. During the second week of my internship the office held something called IP 101s where each department gave the new employees and interns a rundown of what they do. It was a great opportunity to learn more and get to know everyone in the office. I learned how a book comes to life from beginning to end and was surprised by all of the work done behind the scenes.

Something I enjoyed about this internship was being included in various meetings with my supervisors, Jaime and Katharine, and other Island Press employees. It helped me to understand what we were working toward and feel more welcomed as part of the team. I also loved learning more about different aspects of the environment. I have always been interested in what I can do to help the environment and interning here opened my eyes to a lot of things I didn't know. The internship has instilled a passion for the environment which I will cherish from now on.

As my time at Island Press comes to an end, I have a better vision of the type of career I want to pursue. I know I definitely want to work to further grow my knowledge of the environment and the opportunities available in the area of sustainability. Looking forward, my experience with Island Press will be kept in mind while choosing my future career.