From David Miller, Island Press President

Island Press’ work is rooted in the belief that science should be one of the foundations upon which we make choices in how we think and act in the public realm. As a nonprofit, our work aims to foster a rich understanding and appreciation of nature, improve access to the best science and practice for creating a sustainable society, and inform the individual and collective decisions we must make to safeguard the future of our planet. Science informs all that we do and makes it relevant.

We also believe that science advances best through open, civil, and public discourse. History contains far too many examples of attempts to suppress, obfuscate, and deny the knowledge that comes from science, and to shut down the vital conversation that advances and promotes it. We need to be vigilant in defending science against those who find it inconvenient or lack the will to engage with it. At such times, the challenge for us all is to speak out in whatever ways we are best able. 

We at Island Press are partnering with The March for Science to help meet that challenge. Our staff, authors, educators, practitioners, and partner organizations are committed to providing the knowledge and information that can change minds, change practice, and change policy. We look forward to working together to reaffirm the value of science to society today and in the future.